Torres Vina Sol

Reviews 7
Worth £6.19 Torres Vina Sol
  • Spain
  • 2017, 2016
  • White
  • Parellada

This wine hails from the Penedes region in north-eastern Spain, and is freshness in a bottle.Made by one of Spain's most famous winemaking families, Torres, this is really zippy with lots of bright lemon fruit, and at under 12% is a lighter take on a crisp, dry white.Serve chilled as an aperitif, or with seafood.


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Waitrose £6.19
Tesco £7.50 -21%

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Matthew Jukes

2 years ago 2015 Vintage

It’s absurd to think that you can buy this wonderful little Spanish white for only a fiver given that it is made with great care and attention by one of the world’s most famous wineries. Dry, floral, crisp and delicious, this is a star!

The Guardian David Williams

2 years ago 2014 Vintage

But its gentle blossom and apple character and light lemony bite works with most fish dishes, including your average costa hotel’s cheerfully inauthentic paella.

The Express Jamie Goode

3 years ago 2013 Vintage

Here’s a such a lovely, consistent dry white wine that’s perfect for spring, with its crisp, citrussy fruit and lighter body and alcohol. We enjoy a lot of this at home.

Express Jamie Goode

4 years ago 2013 Vintage

A super-reliable crisp, dry white that’s a perennial favourite chez Goode, this is bright and citrussy with lovely pure fruit, and it’s a really good all-rounder for food matching, too. Great value at the offer price

Telegraph Wine Section Hamish Anderson

4 years ago 2013 Vintage

Last year was the 51st vintage of Viña Sol, so it must being doing something right. On early labels it described itself as ‘Spanish Chablis’ (today highly illegal), which gives a good idea what it is about – fruity, with the kind of lip-smacking refreshment factor that demands a deep ice bucket and warm alfresco imbibing.

Liquid assets Heather Dougherty

4 years ago 2012 Vintage

Viña Sol was intended to bring modern winemaking to Spain and was made then, as now, without oak, the Grenache Blanc and Parellada grapes fermented at low temperature to preserve freshness and fruit. Crisp Granny Smith apple flavours combine with the weight and white pepper of the Grenache to make a delicious lunchtime wine (especially as it’s just 11.5% alcohol).

Telegraph Wine Section Susy Atkins

4 years ago 2013 Vintage

Tasting mainly of green apples, but with light hints of pineapple and citrus, Viña Sol is unoaked, crisp (especially the 2013) and simple – a mouth-watering apéritif

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