Tesco Finest Picpoul de Pinet

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Worth £7.00 Tesco Finest Picpoul de Pinet
  • France
  • 2016
  • White
  • Melon de Bourgogne, Picpoul De Pinet

The literal translation of the name Picoul is 'lip-stinger' on account of its refreshing nature, and this is certainly refreshing for all the right reasons.A bright star from Southern France, with wonderful pear and apple fruit.Heavenly match for seafood, especially shellfish.


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Tesco £7.00

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Telegraph Wine Section Hamish Anderson

2 years ago 2015 Vintage

Picpoul is southern France’s answer to muscadet, and its zippy, citrus-led flavour is your saviour when on holiday in a region otherwise dominated by dense reds.

The Express Jamie Goode

2 years ago 2015 Vintage

Lively, fresh and tasty, this offers bright pear, grape and white-peach fruit. It really shows off its clean fruitiness well and it’s no surprise that picpoul is touted as a great seafood wine.

Telegraph Wine Section Susy Atkins

3 years ago 2014 Vintage

A high-summer favourite for its mouthwateringly light grapefruit and lime and white-pepper twist in the tail.

Matthew Jukes Matthew Jukes

4 years ago 2013 Vintage

Picpoul is a cheeky little white grape that has inexplicably become a mainstay on all of the supermarket shelves in the space of only a few years. It is always inexpensive, dry and floral and until recently was only found when on holiday in the South of France. Welcome this lovely, summery, delicious wine with open arms.

Knackered Mothers Wine Club Knackered Mother

4 years ago 2013 Vintage

I almost always have a bottle of this somewhere in the house, if not in the fridge door. People who love Sauvignon usually love it. People who love Chardonnay usually love it. In fact, I am yet to find someone who doesn't find the joy in a glass of the 'lip stinger' (what the name of the grape means). Summer in vinous form. From the Languedoc region in France, and in a fab looking bottle, too.

Telegraph Wine Section Victoria Moore

4 years ago 2013 Vintage

Saline, crisp, refreshing as a wave of salt water crashing on to a beach. Picpoul is the grape, and it’s made near a saltwater lagoon in the south of France. I was so pleased to find that the new vintage of a wine that seems to have become indispensable to so many fridges is bang on form. It earns the star buy sticker on the basis that you’re buying enough to qualify for the discount.

The Independent Anthony Rose

4 years ago 2013 Vintage

This refreshing seafood-friendly dry white wine from Etang de Thau shows apple and pear aromas and boasts a citrus finish. As good with prawns as it is on a picnic.

The Guardian Fiona Beckett

4 years ago 2013 Vintage

fresh [and] crisp

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