Jean-marc Pillot Chassagne-montrachet

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Worth £42.00 Jean-marc Pillot Chassagne-montrachet
  • France
  • 2015
  • White
  • Chardonnay

This family-owned domaine has been tending vines for three generations. Jean Marc now takes the reins to produce small quantities of brilliant wines. Tropical and creamy on the nose, it moves on with a fine interplay between power and finesse.


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Waitrose £42.00

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The Guardian Fiona Beckett

one year ago 2013 Vintage

Chardonnay, in the form of white burgundy, is my personal go-to with roast turkey, and it doesn’t have to be one of the fancier appellations,........if you wanted to splash out, the highly rated Jean-Marc Pillot’s opulent Chassagne-Montrachet 2013 (13% abv) makes you realise why white burgundy is so sought after.

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